Virgin Teez offers a 100% print guarentee. In the event your product or your customers product is damaged or defective, our Creators will need to contact Virgin Teez Custom by submitting a "Return Request" through our Creator Studio. You must contact Virgin Teez within fourteen (14) days of receipt of the damaged or defective product and you must provide reasonable proof to us of such damage or defect.


Virgin Teez will promptly review your correspondence in order to determine whether such damage or defect warrants a new Product sent to you at no additional cost. Virgin Teez will inform you of its decision to approve or deny your request for a new Product along with an explanation of its decision.


Virgin Teez will not honor defect requests which are attributed to your customers size concerns or design flaws, which may include: spelling, grammatical, font, design, or appearance errors, if such errors are attributed to your submitted creation, design or customization. Please review our sizing charts before orders are placed to ensure our sizing meets your product requirements for your customers. For returns including defect requests, it's the Creators responsibility to communicate with their customer on shipping instructions should they want the return product sent to their address in lieu of Virgin Teez fulfillment center. If a customer submits a return to Virgin Teez fulfillment center instead of the Creator return address, the Creator has 30 days to submit a return inquiry for their customers order. After 30 days, the returned product will then become Virgin Teez property for donation.




Due to the customized nature of the Products you have ordered, no modifications or cancellations are accepted after an order has been submitted. Your order shall be non-refundable and final, and no modification requests will be honored or permitted. The price of each Product ordered considers the type of design and customization you have incorporated into the Product, thus no modifications are permitted as any modifications would result in a discrepancy between the purchase price and the actual cost of the Product.


You acknowledge and agree that ordered Products produced by us for you are custom goods. In any scenario other than where a Product is defective or damaged pursuant to Section 5 of this Agreement, you have no right to cancel any order or return any Products and all orders, once accepted by Kin Custom, are final.